Sharing Hope Meditations

    We invite you to join us every alternate Saturday during which, we collectively seek to invoke help for our fellow beings who are suffering pain & hardship with their health, economic conditions, loneliness, turmoil and more...

    Having learned many meditation techniques in our Masterclasses, let us offer this service together to bring peace, hope, happiness, abundance and Light in the lives of those in need.

    We look forward to you bringing your light and energy, and ask that you feel free to invite others to join as well.


    October 03,2020 - 4.50-6.00 pm London UK time.
    Details are forthcoming


    Sept 19th, 2020: Celebrating World Peace Day; Healing of the Sick; Easing of All Difficulty…In celebration of World Peace Day, we shall explore dimensions of peace at a material and spiritual level, and collectively seek to invoke Peace in the world.


Wish to contribute?

The cost of disbursements associated with hosting the free Masterclasses and producing professional audio/video materials is covered by Dr. Amyn Dahya & family, and supporters who contribute towards this free gift of sharing…Please feel free to join us if you wish.