• Creating Deep Focus

    Creating Deep Focus

    Originally recorded: 25. April, 2020

    Topic: Creating Deep Focus - The beginning

    What is meditation? This question has myriads of answers. In my opinion, it is a bridge of introspection. Meditation is about making oneself “whole”… We exist in this world in a material dimension comprising the body and mind, which is driven by an unseen intelligence, a life force, that exists at a level that lies well beyond the bounds of our material level mental comprehension. This is the level of the Higher Self.

    Meditation can help build the bridge of introspection that connects all the three key levels of our being – the body, mind and Higher Self.

    What is focus? It is a process of shutting down all dimensions of thought in the material mind, except for one, singular channel, which forms the basis for the journey through the bridge of introspection.

    Focus can be built at four levels:

    Level 1: STILLNESS. Our world and material life are governed by time, which is driven by constant change. This makes our minds race at an ever-increasing speed, hampering our ability to relax or concentrate. Our Higher Self, on the other hand is timeless and completely still. It observes our chaotic material life from a position of total Stillness. Therefore, by making the mind go still, we align ourselves with our Higher Self. It is a very empowering experience that creates inner peace and happiness - something we all need, especially in these times of global crisis.

    Level 2: CLARITY. After achieving Stillness, we rise to the level of Clarity, where we silence our mind completely and then detach ourselves from our material world, the past, and the future, leaving us completely immersed in the Present – in a state of complete stillness. This is a liberating experience – one of pure freedom and clarity of thought.

    Level 3: ONENESS. After having achieved Stillness and Clarity, we can rise to the level of Oneness, where our spiritual being (Higher Self) unites with our material self (mind). This is an experience of pure Oneness – between the material, spiritual. Oneness also embodies all creation, both seen and unseen. We become One with everything and at this stage, the only thing that separates us is our physical forms. Our essence is now One.

    Level 4: LINKAGE. This is the ultimate level of the meditative journey, where we focus on a word that we deeply believe, represents the Source of our creation. If one practices Linkage from a religious perspective, one may elect to choose words such as God, Om, Allah, Christ, Father, Ram, Krishna… etc. – depending on one’s religious beliefs. Alternatively, Linkage can also be practiced from a non-religious perspective. In this case, words such as Universe, Origin, Nature, Life, etc. are potential options. The word, and the belief that one places in it, becomes the key to establishing a Linkage between the conscious material mind and the Higher Self. It is a very powerful level of search; whose outcome is of a very personal nature and beyond description in human vocabulary. Linkage can only be approached with absolute humility.

    The Masterclass concludes with a guided meditation that enables participants to work with and experience each of the four levels, (Stillness, Clarity, Oneness & Linkage, which they can then practice on their own at any time.



  • The concept of the Anchor Thought

    The concept of the Anchor Thought

    Originally recorded: 02. May 2020

    Topic: The concept of the Anchor Thought

    Following on from the lessons of Masterclass 01, this class introduced the concept of the Anchor Thought, which helps ground our mental, emotional and spiritual state of being, as we focus on living fully in the present.

    When one asks, “How are you?” - our automatic response is, “I am fine”. What does that really mean? Rather than use a mechanical and unconscious term such as “fine”, we need to pause and reflect upon how we are feeling at the time the question was asked. Happy? Peaceful, Worried, Frustrated, in Love? Inspired?...

    Our Anchor Thought defines our state of being at any point in time. It makes us consciously aware of our feelings and helps us anchor into the mental states that are the most helpful to our well-being. In Masterclass 02, we learned the technique of going completely still, and then, in the state of “Stillness”, we anchored our thought into Peace, Happiness and Abundance – as practical examples. One can anchor oneself in whatever state of being one wishes.

    The most important thing is to start consciously living in the present, rather than accidentally keep feeling our way through life. With this approach, time may actually slow down as we live each moment fully, with complete awareness.

    Anchor Thought is an invaluable life tool…make the most of it. Practice using it as often as you can, throughout the day.


  • Practicing healthy “Detachment”

    Practicing healthy “Detachment”

    Originally recorded: 09. May, 2020

    Topic: Practicing healthy “Detachment”

    1. Live your life in healthy “Compartments”, thus maximizing the value of your experiences and encounters that come your way. When you are with someone, give them your 100% focus and do not allow other thoughts to creep in and ruin the experience. Living this way slows down time, builds deeper and richer relationships, and constantly reveals enriching dimensions of life.…

    2. Practice healthy “Detachment” from hurtful emotions and experiences that usually find their way into your present moment, uninvited. Use the special scissors of light to keep cutting the chords that hold such thoughts in your space…experience the liberating feeling and clarity that follows. Make this a conscious process – like a gardener that regularly cuts off the weeds to enable his or her flowers to grow and blossom.

    3. Regularly practice the meditation techniques for:

    a. Achieving Stillness
    b. Planting your Anchor Thought
    c. Detaching from the Material World, the Past and the Future…leaving yourself totally immersed in the powerful Present.
    d. Letting go of Fear, which is an illusion that lives in the future which may or may not transpire.


  • Accessing the Stage of Oneness in Meditation

    Accessing the Stage of Oneness in Meditation

    Originally recorded: 17. May, 2020

    Topic: Accessing the Stage of Oneness in Meditation - the door to Self Realisation

    1. When seeking to make important decisions, you can consult the wisdom of the past, planning of the future, and advice of those you may trust. However, there is one more important avenue available to you, which is to consult your Higher Self. Practice the Meditation of the Pearl to draw inspiration, which will help you further when making major decisions.

    2. We live in pure Oneness with Nature, all Creation, the Universes, and our Creator – the infinite intelligence and eternal Life Source. Remember, “I am You, You are Me, and together We are Everything – We are Oneness…”

    3. In your day-to-day life, practice the thought of “I am Oneness…We are Oneness” and create a positive energetic environment around you that makes everyone in your presence feel at peace and happy. Use this approach to overcome conflicts, obstacles and insecurities; inspire and motivate others; and lots more…through conscious, regular practice.

    4. Learn to live with a conscious awareness of your Creator in everything. Seek to recognize the Extraordinary in the Ordinary, for it is present everywhere – right before your eyes. Living with this awareness leads to an enlightened life.

    5. “The Origin is Light…Light brings Life…Life brings Experience…Experience brings Knowledge…and Knowledge is Light.” Seek to maximize on the value of each experience, recognize the presence of your Creator in simple and complex acts, and pursue the path of intellectual inquiry that leads you to the point of understanding that beyond us exists a far Greater Intelligence – our Source. This is how Experience becomes Knowledge, and why Knowledge is Light.

    6. The search for your Creator should not be limited to your hours of meditation. It must be constant and continuous, 24 hours per day.

    7. Practice the Meditation of Oneness regularly and strive to see yourself as the same Life Energy that flows through everything around you…

    8. Living in Oneness is a core purpose of our lives…let’s start living it fully, starting now.

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  • Linkage – The peak of the journey

    Linkage – The peak of the journey

    Originally recorded: 23. May, 2020

    Topic: Linkage – The peak of the journey

    1. Once we are able to engage fully with the Material Level Present, using all the techniques learned in Classes 1 to 4, we can proceed to practice engaging with the Spiritual Level Present.

    2. Time basically stops when we engage with the Spiritual Present. It is like a movie reel which stops, freezing one in a given plane where no further change or motion occurs. Time stops. Timelessness was practiced during the class meditation.

    3. In Meditation, we are seeking to fully engage with our Power of Thought.

    4. Thought has life that can shape events, experiences, memories and more. In Meditation, shaping one’s thoughts properly is a key requirement for creating deep focus.

    5. The level of LINKAGE was the main focus of the class. Linkage represents our connection with our Creator or Source, similar to the umbilical cord between mother and child. Of course, the spiritual cord is dimensionless and infinite.

    6. The LINKAGE WORD is the word by which we recognize our Creator. It is the name of what we truly believe is our Source. This name can be derived from religious and non-religious avenues.

    7. The SOURCE THOUGHT is the meaning of the Linkage Word. It has to be carefully framed through SOURCE CONTEMPLATION, which is basically a period before meditation, where one spends time contemplating the name and attributes of one’s Source.

    8. The Source Contemplation is of equal importance to the meditation itself. Engaging with Linkage without preparation and contemplation makes deep focus very difficult to achieve.

    9. Examples of Source Contemplations were shared to help with framing the Source Thought, so that proper focus on the Linkage Word can be achieved amidst the background of the Source Thought.

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  • Sustaining Deep Focus

    Sustaining Deep Focus

    Sustaining Deep Focus Sustaining Deep Focus



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