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“Knowledge is a river whose flow is sustained through sharing…”

Our goal is to help spread happiness and wellbeing through sharing knowledge that enables us all to harness the best from this challenging world with confidence, clarity, happiness and peace; with the following objectives:

  • Nurturing good health and wellbeing
  • Fostering loving and enriching relationships
  • Gaining and sharing wisdom
  • Cultivating a positive human consciousness of care, hope and respect for the environment
  • Attaining physical, mental and spiritual fulfillment
  • & living an enlightened life underpinned by humility, gratitude and giving

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The cost of disbursements associated with hosting the free Masterclasses and producing professional audio/video materials is covered by Dr. Amyn Dahya & family, and supporters who contribute towards this free gift of sharing…Please feel free to join us if you wish.



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Deep learning with simplicity…

Simple and easy-flowing comprehensions for all ages, that help us explore our innermost thoughts and develop the self with mental and emotional harmony. Learning through stories and insights is a very personal and inspiring process of building self-confidence, absent of judges, critics and naysayers.

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